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A wide range of Tablets OS randing from: Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows Operative System, in all different sizes from 7inch up to 11.6inches!

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How to choose a computer tablet?

There is a wide variety of computer tablets in the market, which one is the best suite for you? Here are some tips in how to choose the ideal computer tablet for your needs.

First select an operative system (OS)

There are 4 options: Android, Apple, Windows and Blackberry

Second select a table size

You can choose from 7inches to up to 12inches

Third select RAM

Memory ram is very important the minimum you can get is 512MB and it can go up to 4GB! Ideally you need somewhere between 1GB to 2GB for a smooth running tablet.

Forth select Processor Cores

Currently there are: single core tablets, duel core tables and quad core tablets. Duel cores and quad cores ensure multitasking with your tablet.

Fifth select a Price

You can get a computer tablet from £34.99 to up to £800 – Branded tablets are more costly however you can find unbranded tablets which similar specs for 70% less.